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Biggest Fear

Hey Divas! Lynn……my biggest fear has changed. It is now having the power go out at night and not having my cochlear implant processors on and charged. For me, the idea of being in total darkness and not being able to hear makes me extremely vulnerable. My biggest fear was falling off of a cliff… Read More Biggest Fear

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Alone is not Lonely ~ 3 Things I like to do when I am alone

Sometimes those stolen moments I find to indulge in a good book for pleasure or to edify myself are the absolute most refreshing escapes. You know when you curl up with a book…..not a tablet or audiobook; a real page-turner. There’s something undeniably fixating about the sensory experience of feeling the pages and losing myself… Read More Alone is not Lonely ~ 3 Things I like to do when I am alone

Divine Divas

Divine Divas

Hey Divas!     Who is a Divine Diva? A woman who is tired of letting life, circumstances, and health issues dictate the course of her life!   She is Determined to make a change Inspired by the curveballs life has thrown her way She is Vivacious  Unafraid to be AUTHENTIC… ally herself In the words of Les Brown… Read More Divine Divas